Meso+ Deluxe Digital Collagen Induction

Meso + Deluxe Digital Collagen Induction is a form of skin needling.

The needle is set at 0.5mm. The skins own natural functions are activated through needling the skin and working in high active substances. Along side the needling treatment we use a range of Cell Bioloique products, again choosing which is more suitable for the client. For example, we have Acne defence serums which are suitable for oily, combination and acne prone skin. This serum fights black heads while minimising oil and redness.

We use a range of peels this would be selected on the day of your appointment once assessing you’re skin beforehand; each peel has its own benefits. For example, The Brightening Cherry Peel is a powerful rejuvenating peel that stimulates collagen while inhibiting uneven skin tone, addressing acne scars, pigmentation and age spots typically found’ on the face.

This peel encourages cellular respiration while removing dead skin cells. Skin is stimulated encouraging the synthesis of collagen which fills fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars resulting with a softer, smoother appearance.

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