Semi Permanent Lip Liner & Blush

Lip liner and blush tattooing adds definition, a burst of colour and a plumper appearance to your lips.

This treatment creates a crisp, defined lip line. As we age, our lips become thinner and lose their natural colour. Lip liner and blush restores the youthful look back into your lips. We have a wide range of colours that you will be able to select from with your technician on the day of your treatment.

Lip liner and blush tattooing is often sought after by clients who feel uneasy about having dermal fillers in their lips but would still like to achieve fuller looking lips without filler and do so by using this treatment as an alternative.

No longer do clients have to worry about smudged lipstick, this is the permanent ‘smudge free’ alternative. Long lasting, tattooed lip stain which perfectly compliments the clients skin tone. Be as bold or as subtle as you wish, semi permanent lipstick is suitable for every taste.


What is the blush?

The blush is tattooed using the colour pigment of your choice, this is simply a ‘blush’ of colour to the lips which helps to emphasise your lips.

Can you tattoo over my natural lip line so that my lips look larger?

We can only tattoo along your natural lip line. We are unable to tattoo over your lip line as once healed this will look unnatural.

Do I still need to wear lipstick?

While we offer a variety of colours, from light to bold, the treatment lights up to 40% while healing. Lip liner and blush would not be a replacement for bolder lipsticks such as reds and dark purples, but it will, however look as though you are wearing a light, natural colour on your lips.

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