Semi Permanent Lip Liner & Blush

Lip liner and blush tattooing is a treatment which combines an A class precision plus machine and carefully selected pigments to create a crisp, colourful permanent lip colour.

Lip liner and blush (also known as permanent lipstick, permanent lip liner or tattooed lipstick) is one of our ever popular treatments, thanks to it’s youthful values and lip plumping illusion. Lips appear younger thanks to an unbroken lip line  a blush of colour and defined lip shape.

This treatment is often sought after by clients who feel uneasy about having dermal fillers in their lips but would still like to achieve fuller looking lips without filler and do so by using this treatment as an alternative.

This treatment is incredibly successful thanks to its ‘worry free’ qualities. No longer do clients have to worry about smudged lipstick, this is the permanent ‘smudge free’ alternative. Long lasting, tattooed lip stain which perfectly compliments the clients skin tone. Be as bold or as subtle as you wish, semi permanent lipstick is suitable for every taste.

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