Semi Permanent Makeup Removal & Correction

Like any cosmetic treatment, choosing to have Semi permanent makeup micro pigmentation is a decision that requires research and knowledge. Unfortunately you may have found that choosing to visit an inexperienced technician has left you with undesirable results.

Only too often have we been asked to put right someone else’s work. Semi Permanent Makeup Removal can usually be achieved using Medical Dry Needling and Salt and Saline.

The process that suits you all depends on your own situation.

Medical Dry Needling

Dry needling is just as it sounds. A needle is used to break the skin on the area with unwanted pigment (this is done with pin point precision to ensure effective removal). The trauma to the skin causes the area to bleed, therefore bringing ink to the surface (bleeding out the ink) and also pushes parts of the pigment deeper In to the body (which then dissolves).

Salt and Saline

Lift away unwanted pigment from microblading, SPMU or scalp treatments with this safe alternative to laser.  Through a process of osmosis the saturated skin is rebalanced to allow unwanted pigment to the surface of the skin and lift away.  The process uses a salt and saline solution and is carried out in the same way as the original micropigmentation treatment with amazing results in just a few sessions

If you have found yourself with some unwanted, undesirable Semi Permanent Make-up then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and book in for your free consultation today!

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