Medical Tattooing

Medical Semi Permanent make-up treatments is a broad subject. Many cosmetic semi permanent makeup treatments can be performed on areas of the body. If you have a feature that you are particularly conscious about, semi permanent make-up could be the answer.

We have treat clients for; syndactyly (webbed toes/fingers), cosmetic areola tattooing, toe and finger nail tattooing, eyelash tattooing, surgical scars and many other treatments at clients request. If there is a part of your body which you are self conscious of, we could help disguise this area by tattooing it with medical grade pigments.

Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage is one of the many medical techniques that benefits patients who have skin disorders.

Hair Loss / Scalp Tattooing

Clients who have suffered from hair loss due to certain illnesses, medication or alopecia can benefit from scalp camouflage or scalp micro-pigmentation.

Toenail Tattooing

Having no toenail(s) can make someone feel self-conscious and even embarrassed.

Eyelash Tattooing

Along with scalp micro-pigmentation, eyelash tattooing is a treatment that creates the illusion of eyelashes.

Scar Camouflage

Scars and burns can have a huge affect on your confidence. We offer several skin rejuvenation treatments to help disguise this kind of skin damage.

Syndactyly ‘Webbed’ Fingers or Toes

We can help disguise ‘webbed’ fingers or toes.

Cleft Lip Rebalancing

Cleft lip and palate are very common conditions. Around one in every 600 to 700 babies in the UK are born with one of these conditions, or with a combination of both.

Medical Dry Needling

Medical dry needling is a process in which a needle is taken to an area of unhealthy skin (such as; scarring, pock marks, fine lines, burns, wrinkles) to trigger skin regeneration.

Areola Tattooing

Areola tattooing; commonly referred to as nipple tattooing, is a micropigmentation procedure which can be used for medical or cosmetic purposes.

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