Medical Dry Needling

Medical dry needling is a process in which a needle is taken to an area of unhealthy skin (such as; scarring, pock marks, fine lines, burns, wrinkles) to trigger skin regeneration.

Once this unhealthy area of skin is broken, triggers are sent for it to instantly begin re healing. Over a course of treatments, this will soon begin to fade scarring, pock marks, fine lines and wrinkles!

Read more about alternative treatments we offer for wrinkle reduction; PRP therapy, derma roller line relaxing and dermal fillers.

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How does Medical Dry Needling work?

A small sterile needle is inserted into the treatment area creating a small trauma that forces the skin to repair. The skin produces fibroblast cells that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This natural healing is the skin’s very own regeneration process.

Many clients notice the benefits after only one treatment. Medicare Cosmetics recommend this treatment once a month to achieve the true benefits as it softens the treated area making your skin more flexible.

Who will benefit from Medical Dry Needling?

Anyone wanting to have younger healthier looking skin can achieve incredible results from Medical Dry Needling. This treatment is suited to clients wishing to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Medical Dry Needling is also a favoured treatment for clients who have visible scars left from acne, sun damage, surgery, or burns. If you have indented scars it can help to relax and soften the tissue and a raised scar can be reduced.

Medical Dry Needling Treatment

Depending on your individual needs Medicare Cosmetics will recommend a suitable treatment plan. These will vary depending on the condition of the skin and the type of treatment you are using Medical Dry Needling for.

For example, fine lines may require only 1 or 2 treatments while deeper wrinkles, pock marks and acne scars may require more. Trauma scars and burns may be less obvious to predict but we are here to help you achieve the best results possible.
We can also recommend an improved daily skin care routine and provide skin care products. Additional skin care treatments you can combine with Medical Dry Needing are Line Relaxing treatments (Botox)Dermal Fillers and Acid Peels.

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