Scalp Tattooing or Camouflage – Finance Available!

Baldness and hair loss can be a stressful problem for women and men.

Scalp pigmentation or ‘hair stimulation’ is a treatment in which hypoallergenic medical grade inks are implanted in to the dermal layer of the skin, this can help clients rebuild any lost confidence or self esteem due to hair loss/thinning. These inks last 3-5 years depending on the client.

This treatment is used as a way of concealing thinning hair or patches by adding the look of density with pigment.

For men or women who are considering hair transplantation but may not have enough donor hair, scalp tattooing can be used in conjunction with this treatment to give the extra coverage or density required.

Men and women alike are turning to this relatively new procedure to restore their lost confidence.

Small dots of ink are implanted using a state of the art precision plus machine.

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