Burns & Scar Reduction

Scars and burns can have a huge affect on your confidence. We offer skin rejuvenation treatments such as Medical Dry Needling, Derma Rollering, PRP Therapy and Chemical peels to help disguise this kind of skin damage.

The aim of this medical treatment is to create an improvement of the skins appearance and functionality. Medical Dry Needling is an established treatment for the correction of structural damage of the skin. The action of needling leads to a reorganisation and reconstruction in the skin, which leads to the repair of damaged skin and reduction in the appearance of the scar.

Aderma roller is a roller of needles, which when used over damaged areas of the skin, such as scarring, causes pin point bleeding, sending a trigger to the skin to re-heal. Therefore re healing over the damaged area and softening the appearance of any skin imperfections.

PRP therapy is a treatment which uses the clients own platelet rich plasma to jumpstart healing on any damaged areas of the skin. This treatment has not only been successful in treating burns and scars but also fine lines, wrinkles, dull and tired skin. Read more about PRP therapy here.

Chemical peels come in many forms. Different peels are suitable for different skin imperfections, they are not only great for reducing acne, dry skin and pigmentation but also for reducing the scarring left by burns, scars, spots and chicken pocks.

Consultations are needed for this treatment during which the best option for your type of scar or burn will be discussed.

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