What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the lightening of the skin, or loss of pigment. Hyperpigmentation of the skin can be caused by many factors including injury or in many cases by a condition known as Vitigo.

Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA)

Along with Semi Permanent Makeup, Multi-trepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA) is used in Medical Micro Pigmentation to encourage the natural production of collagen and improve natural pigmentation to scars, stretch marks, burns and conditions such as Vitiligo.

Whereas Semi Permanent Makeup treatment introduces natural pigments (colour) under the dermal layer of skin, the process of Multi-trepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA) is popular as it stimulates the skin to repair itself without adding any colour. This process of collagen induction can be traced back to 1905 by the German dermatologist, Kromayer who treated acne, scars and hyper-pigmentation with rotating wheels and rollers.

The process has been developed over the decades by numerous medical professionals who recognise it as a natural way of increasing skin cell growth and to minimize wrinkles. In 1997 Dr. Andre Camirand coined the term “Multi-trepannic” from the Greek word to “bore”. He noted that two years after treating facial scars with Semi Permanent Makeup the scarred tissue had re-pigmented itself to closely match the colour of the surrounding skin.

Is Multi-Trepannic Collagen Actuation painful?

It is practically painless, completely risk free and is a great alternative to injected fillers such as Collagen injections and Botox. The results of MCA are much more longer lasting and affordable.

It works on the basis that it shocks your skin back to life to create the fibroblast cells (crucial for healing) to develop more collagen. Small sterile needles cause micro-trauma, which forces the body into this state of self-repair.

Clients are generally left with fine red scratch marks. This will form a small scab and heal within approx 5 to 7 days. Some clients notice the improvements after only one treatment while others may need more treatments one month apart.

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