Meso ME Facial

This facial is a skin needling concept using Meso ME skin infusions and a 18 point plastic needle cartridge.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, which occurs naturally in the human body to help cushion and lubricate the joints. It’s found in connective tissue and eye fluids, however, almost fifty percent of hyaluronic acid found in the body is in the skin, making it a major component of skin tissue so without this there is no collagen production. We use Hyaluronic acid in our facial to help boost collagen. The active substances stimulate the cells metabolism and contribute to their regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid is an active skin care ingredient as it retains moisture and creates a cushion to help plump the appearance of aging skin. As it absorbs without leaving any residue, it’s a popular ingredient in many products, like a hyaluronic acid mask or hyaluronic acid eye cream, and boasts incredible benefits. Skincare products on the market, such as hyaluronic acid serums not only plump and moisturize the skin, they also help to heal and sooth inflammation too. Furthermore, a pure hyaluronic acid serum can prevent fine lines and wrinkles, providing effective results on prematurely aged or mature skin types.

AHA and Enzyme Peels are used prior to exfoliate the stratum corneum (out skin layer), activating the skins metabolism allowing the dead skin cells to come off making room for regrowth of new skin. It even stimulates new collagen production and elastin.    

We use a number of medical grade skincare products by Cell Biologique.

Cell Biologique is an advanced dermaceutical skincare collection offering corrective solutions for both women and men.

From daily cleansing to professional strength peels, Cell Biologique products product a significant visual enhancement in texture and appearance.

Cell Biologique is the most comprehensive medical grade collection offered to the professional skincare market for preparation, post procedure and homecare products to enhance aesthetic treatments and maintain results for longer.

Our products are clinically tested for efficacy to achieve the results  you demand from clinical skincare.


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