Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow tattooing, is also known as micropigmentation, microblading or permanent eyebrows.

It is a treatment where a needle and pigment are used  along with an A class precision plus machine to create your perfect tattooed eyebrow. No eyebrow is the same, they are all bespoke to each client’s face shape and are age appropriate.
We see more and more clients come to us with sparse or no eyebrow hair wanting their eyebrows to look thicker. This treatment is suitable for most people who have lost their eyebrows due to baldness, hair loss, alopecia or cancer treatment.
A lot of clients wish to have tattooed eyebrows for cosmetic purposes. For example, to save time in the morning drawing them on. Other reasons could be to enhance their natural eyebrow shape and create a shape that compliments their face and age.
Say goodbye to HD brows, eyebrow extensions and stick on eyebrows and hello to the world of semi permanent make-up.
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