Cleft Lip Rebalancing

Cleft lip and palate are very common conditions. Around one in every 600 to 700 babies in the UK are born with one of these conditions, or with a combination of both. Cleft reconstruction is performed on a daily basis in Britain and achieves fabulous results.

Corrective surgery to the cleft lip or palate can be hugely rewarding and successful. However, scarring is inevitable and is usually always visible right into adulthood. Medicare Cosmetics have procedures that can minimise the visual appearance of these scars.

Multi-trepanic Collagen Actuation (MCA) is a non-surgical and natural way of softening the scars following cleft reconstruction. The treatment involves dry needling that relaxes the area making scar tissue more flexible. The skin can be softened and made more elasticated. An anaesthetic solution is used during this procedure.

MCA works by stimulating the epidermis layer of skin. The dry needling causes inflammation and swelling to the area treated. Fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin begins the healing process causing re-pigmentation to occur.

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