‼️Calling all technicians THINK BEFORE YOU INK‼️

Dawn Forshaw, CEO of Finishing Touches and Chairman of Safety in Micropigmentation, campaigns to raise the UK safety standards for safe needle practice.

Launching Micropigmentation UK 📣

As the micropigmentation industry has evolved to include all sectors within that industry, there is now even more choice of suppliers for technicians to select their needles. As a result, we have seen an increase in modified and fake needles being sold across the UK.

Alarmingly, these counterfeit needles look identical to the safety cartridges found in reputable suppliers, like Finishing Touches. Therefore, we need to draw the industry’s attention to these dangerous replica needles and create greater awareness of the counterfeit needle industry.

After all, is a cheaper needle really the answer over safety?

The key to this is that all needles should be sterilised, sealed and have a safety membrane. ‘Sterilised’ is the tricky one as most packaging will state this. The question is, how can you tell? There is no simple answer, but your supplier will be able to provide you with paperwork to prove sterility.

To read further information on how you can get involved and join our campaign today for a safer future for your clients pick up your copy of FTG news at Micropigmentation UK 🇬🇧 on the 18th-19th May.

👉🏻2019’s issue is jammed-packed with articles on spotting a fake needles and how to practise Safety In Micropigmentation, how to combat colour corrections from our team of training experts, the low down on the new FTP Club points system, not forgetting to mention the launch of Tarryn vices online colour theory programme, plus lots more…….