During discussions about reducing the signs of ageing skin, clients often do not realise they need a course of treatments. Signs of ageing skin can include fine lines, wrinkles, sagging or just dull looking skin.

If we could achieve your desired results in one treatment,  we would. The longer you leave it to start having skin rejuvenation treatments, the more treatments could be needed to get your desired results.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when we are discussing the correct treatment pathways. However, we know that the clients who come for treatments every 2 months are the ones who are seeing the most physical changes to their skin. Treatments don’t have to be overly expensive; peels are a really cost effective way to help stimulate those collagen and elastin cells we all desperately want to hold on to.


Extrinsic ageing occurs in addition to intrinsic ageing (the natural ageing process) as a result of sun environmental damage. For example, tobacco use and exposure to pollution. Extrinsic ageing shows up as thickening of the skin, enlarged pores, freckles, sun spots, sagging of the skin and wrinkles which can be fine to very deep.

Chronological ageing depends on the passage of time and is influenced by your genetics, hormonal changes, and metabolic processes.

Hormonal ageing can speed up the rate that collagen and elastin decreases. This increases the appearance of the wrinkles on the face and neck.


Intrinsic ageing is also referred to as the natural ageing process. However, the constant fight to keep skin looking younger may not be as difficult as you think.  The decline of the condition of our skin starts to take place in our mid 20s. During this time there begins to be a decrease in skin cell production of collagen and elastin They are the two fibres essential for skin regeneration but shed quickly, further adding to the ageing process. Fine lines and wrinkles may not be seen until years after the ageing process begins.

To slow down the ageing process we suggest having maintenance treatments which could be something as simple as a peel every two months to stimulate the collagen and elastin production.