Rejuvapen post reactions to the skin


What we see:

The micro-incisions created during micro needling will close approximately 3 – 5 minutes after treatment – minimal superficial bleeding.

Damaged tissues constrict to stop blood flow.
Platelets aggregate to stop bleeding, thromboplastin is released which forms a clot.
Leucocytes migrate into tissue to initiate the inflammatory process.


What we see:

Days 1 – 3, erythema and redness which feels and looks like sunburn, some minor swelling on day 1. By day 3 erythema and swelling begin to subside, skin appears pink.


  • Cytokines start to be released, initiating wound healing process.
  • Neutrophils secrete chemicals to kill bacteria.
  • Macrophages engulf and digest foreign particles and necrotic debris.
  • Macrophages stimulate capillary growth.
  • The body begins to lay the foundations for promoting epithelial growth and new collagen are produced.


What we see:

Day 3 onwards the skin loses its redness, the skin in the treatment area will feel tighter.


  • Fibroblasts proliferate in the wound and secrete gylcoproteins and collagen due to the granulation tissue forming and contraction of the wound edge.
  • Epidermal cells migrate from the wound edge.
  • Granulation tissue is formed from the macrophages, fibroblasts and new capillaries.

It is essential to keep the area moist during this process so ensure you use an appropriate moisturiser i.e. a repair cream.