Aesthetic Medicine Magazine spoke to Dr Vincent Wong about becoming the world’s first LGBTQ+ ambassador, the new #IAMME campaign, and treating LGBTQ+ patients

The #IAMME campaign explores the power of medical aesthetics to channel the inner confidence of individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.
Celebrities are supporting this campaign, as well as patients of Dr Wong. Examples are former Blue singer Duncan James, and Talulah-Eye, the first transgender contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model.

Dr Wong explained the challenges, barriers and fears for patients who come to his clinic from the LGBTQ+ community

He says
Sadly, there are many people from the LGBTQ+ community who fear that they may be botched by practitioners who have a phobia against the community. From the conversations I have had, this seems to be one of the biggest barriers.
Others are worried that the practitioner may not fully understand their needs and how they feel, which in turn creates an awkwardness that inhibits good rapport.
I believe those that identify themselves as non-binary would face the biggest challenge as they may want to keep both feminine and masculine features and this can be quite difficult to explain to the practitioner. “
Talulah-Eye shared their personal experience.
“I’m 25 now and I started transitioning when I was 19. When I first started transitioning, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was literally walking around looking like a man in a wig. I didn’t have a clue on how to be or how to portray myself as a woman. All I knew is how I felt on the inside, but didn’t know how to project that. My journey into things like aesthetics medical science, finding Dr Vincent Wong, makeup, fashion, modelling, all that kind of stuff, has helped me in becoming the woman that I am today. And, if anything, we’re stronger because we have to go through so much to be the women that we are. So I try and be vocal about that in the work that I do.”

 How Medicare Cosmetics can help

Here at Medicare Cosmetics we believe that it is important for your technician to be open minded with the requests of clients. It is important to listen and understand why a particular request is important.  
In order to show our support and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community we are offering 20% off IPL Hair Removalfor transgender clients. A doctors note must be provided
A free consultation and patch test is required before the course of treatments. 
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