Do you know your skin specialist?
Here are the things to always look out for when choosing a new skin specialist:
  1. Check that your service provider has qualifications or certificates! They must also have their liability insurance. If the business is carrying out a treatment that must be registered, you can check on the Local Authority website to make sure they are registered.
  2. They have a consultation procedure in place before you have a treatment. They should be able to provide you with all information about the treatment to answer your questions. A patch test (if required for that treatment) should be done. The consultation should include an examination of the area which is to be treated. This is to make sure you are booked in for the most suitable treatment. 
  3. You should see evidence that the service provider has either disposable (so it is used only once) or has cleaned and disinfected their equipment. Technicians should also wash their hands, or change their gloves for every client. Cleanliness and hygiene is so important!
  4. Following on from your treatment, you should be given the appropriate aftercare advice about how to take care of your new eyebrows or skin. Without aftercare information you could be put at risk, especially when it comes to sun exposure.
Paying a couple of pounds extra to visit a reputable clinic far outweighs the risk of picking up an infection
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