What are chemical peels?

The range of chemical peels that we are offer are from Mesoestetic. This is the most advanced range of skin specific chemical peels. They achieve accelerated skin regeneration in a controlled manner for visible, immediate and progressive results.
Chemical peels can close open pores, improve the texture of the skin. They increase the thickness of the epidermis while addressing the effects of skin ageing, softening wrinkles and adding turgidity. This range of peels unify skin tone, add luminosity and smooth imperfections.
Additional to this they lighten and lessen pigmented lesions. This provides a depigmenting effect and reduces the appearance of acne the appearance of fine lines and scars.

What to expect afterwards

Straight after a chemical peel you may experience your skin being blushed or red. How red or blushed you may be depends on the type of peel that has been used and the client’s skin. 
You may experience some dryness of your skin. We always advise client’s to keep your face well moisturised if this does occur. Some clients do experience their skin flaking or peeling away but not everybody does.
These are all signs that the chemical peel is doing its job and rejuvenating the skin but is nothing to worry about.
Client’s should protect their skin using a SPF and avoid direct sun exposure and sun beds for at least a week after their treatment
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