We need to think skin skin skin, not just filling our lips and freezing the forehead we need overall skin improvement and this is what profhilo does.

This syringe of magic is labelled as an injectable moisturiser rapidly becoming a nationwide best seller.
Read the press reviews.. I’ve yet to see a bad one.
Profhilo is a magnificent 64mg of pure hyaluronic acid in a single syringe. Hyaluronic acid is what naturally occurs in our skin to keep it moisturised springy and plump.
As we get older we need to consider moisturising from the inside out and that’s just what profhilo does. As we learn more and more about skin damage the newer generations will hopefully take note and not need to reverse the damage most of us born in the 40’s onwards have.
Profhilo can be injected into hands, arms, neck, décolletage, elbows, knees and stomach – ironing out crepey skin resulting in overall skin improvement.
Profhilo starts with an intense course of one syringe (two in some body areas) every month for three months. Then this is switched to a maintenance programme. Maintenance is one (or two dependant on body part) syringe every three to four months.
Results can start to be seen at just three days!

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