Line Relaxing Treatment

How do we treat wrinkles?
We have a variety of treatments offered by our registered nurse Jacqui.

Toxin treatments

Injections can be given into areas of the face, neck and arm pits following a medical consultation to assess for suitability.
Clients must be aged 18 or over for this treatment. This treatment is provided on prescription for the named client only and therefore official identification must be brought along to the initial consultation.
Since introduction to cosmetic market in the 1980’s various brands have been formed.
Botulinum toxin is the main Ingredient in all of the brands and the three main brands we use are Azzalure, Bocuture and Botox. Randomised control trials (clinical evidence) have not proven a great difference in products.
During consultation the different brands will be discussed as will the nurses experience with all of these brands.
Botulinum Toxin is a neuro protein derived from clostridium botulinum. The mechanical make up of the toxin blocks acetylcholine release from the axon endings of the Neuromuscular junction. What this means in the skin is that the toxin reduces movement, therefore reduces crease formation which I turn will inhibit short term wrinkle production. If this is used regularly then it keeps lines at bay. It may also have an effect on static lines.

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