Wrinkle Relaxing & Dermal Filler Treatments

Over time, our faces age and everyday movements leave their mark. Our skin also loses its contour and plumpness.

Wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments help to bring back the appearance of fullness and freshness. At Medicare Cosmetics we offer a wide range of line relaxing and dermal filler treatments.

All treatments will be carried out by our fully qualified aesthetic practitioner, in our clinical surroundings. Consultations are available free of charge and all options will be fully discussed before treatment commences.

Line Softening

Line Relaxing Treatment is popular because it reduces facial lines and creases and the visible signs of ageing. These ‘Anti Wrinkle Injections’ will help you turn back the clock without surgery.


This syringe of magic is labelled as an injectable moisturiser rapidly becoming a nationwide best seller.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are often used for the definition of facial aesthetics. They are used to correct and reduce creases, folds and wrinkles. A clear gel is injected into the skin in small amounts to reduce the appearance of these unwanted lines, to restore volume and to add definition to your face.

Advanced WOW Fusion

Advanced wow fusion is a microneedling treatment which compliments the already great treatments we offer with microneedling at Medicare.

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