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Treatments for Men

We have lots of lovely male clients that both benefit and enjoy the treatments that we offer.  Most of the treatments that we do are suitable for both men and women and we have some male specific beauty treatments such as the Manlycure and Manly pedi.  The laser hair removal is also very popular for men as is the wrinkle relaxants and dermal fillers, not to mention to vast array of facials!

Most treatments offered for the ladies are also available for men, but we have these specific treatments that may be of particular interest:


What is usually considered a painful procedure becomes a breeze thanks to LYCON! Lycon wax removes hairs as short as 1mm, making your waxing experience virtually pain free.

Areas: Back, Chest, Chest and shoulders, Shoulders and back, Underarms, Eyebrows & Nostrils.

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Anything else….

Brow maintenance/tidy up: we can remove those overgrown pesky brow hairs.

Manly Pedi: A tidy up for your toes. Dirty feet are the breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. A pedicure can remove any dirt and dead skin which can be problematic. Cutting your toenails at home can lead to cutting too short, or leaving small pieces at the edges, leading to ingrown toenails.

Manlycure: Clip and CLEAN! Trimmed, shaped nails is a great attribute to looking and feeling good. Problems with nail biting can be prevented with a manlycure – often we bite our nails as we are trying to smooth a jagged edge or because we are attempting to ‘tidy up’ or nails.

Luxury Manlycure: Everything that a manlycure has to offer and then some! Treat yourself, release some stress and enjoy some down time.

Luxury manly pedi: With the use of oils, this luxury take on a manly pedi provides additional bacterial infection – not to mention smooth, smell free feet!

Remember, a good manicurist has seen it all and can help resolve any embarrassing ingrown toenails or dead skin!

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