Treatments for Men

We have lots of lovely male clients that both benefit and enjoy the treatments that we offer.  Most of the treatments that we do are suitable for both men and women, however we have now set up our Male Treatments Menu which are male oriented.  The laser hair removal is also very popular for men as is the wrinkle relaxants, not to mention to vast array of facials!

Most treatments offered for the ladies are also available for men, but we have these specific treatments that may be of particular interest:

Popular Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin rejuvenation and facial treatments are perfect for all skin types including;  Sensitive, Acne-prone, Greasy or dry skin. In order to treat specific skin complaints we have a range of chemical peels, combination treatments and more invasive micro-needling treatments.


Lipo Contrast is the perfect treatment for those clients who want more of a contoured body shape. This treatment creates rapid results by heating, cooling and heating the fat cells, resulting in the removal of body fat without damage or invasive methods.

Medical Tattooing

We have a number of men who are particularly interested in our Scalp Tattooing treatment which is great for thinning or balding hair. This can be through illness, medication or if a client was conscious of this problem. Another popular medical tattooing treatment is for those clients with webbed fingers or toes.

Laser IPL

Many men are curious about our IPL Hair Removal treatment for varies areas of the body. We can also treat thread veins and fungal nail through our IPL machine.

Eyebrow Shaping

There is no shame in men wanting to have perfectly shaped eyebrows or wanting them tidied up slightly. This is done using wax.

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Anything else….


Wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments help to bring back the appearance of fullness and freshness.


If you have skin imperfections such as warts, skin tags or viral verrucae, we would try them with our Cryopen. This is a quick and effective freezing treatment.

Products to use at home

We always recommend to all clients (male and female) that they look into what we call the ‘CSA Approach’. This is the use of Physical Sunscreen, a Retinol (Vitamin A) and also a Vitamin C serum. This will help to improve your overall skin health while you are at home.

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