VIP Facial

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves and we understand the positive effect that a hydrating and moisturising facial can have on a person’s confidence.

At Medicare Cosmetics in Redcar, we offer multiple treatments combined together in a VIP Facial that can help with dehydrated, tired, dull looking skin . We often have clients asking how to get that healthy, youthful looking glow, which is why we offer treatments such as the VIP Facial.

What is included:

AHA Peel

An AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) peel is an anti ageing (almost miracle working!) product, it is painted onto the skin and left to work for five minutes; this removes the upper layers of dead skin and encourages new skin cell regeneration.

Alpha hydroxy acids primarily exfoliate, which provides a foundation for all the other benefits that come along with AHA.

Too many dead skin cells = dead, lacklustre skin. Not only this, dead skin cells can highlight skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots and acne!

AHA can destroy old collagen fibres, making way for new ones – collagen production will be at an all time high thanks to this powerful ingredient.


The dermaplaning treatment, is the controlled scraping of the skin which helps remove fine fluffy hairs including the very light downy hairs. Any dead, dry skin is also scraped off in this process… dermaplaning provides the perfect canvas for product application (not to mention your hair free face will have you feeling like a new born baby) as any dead skin and hair can no longer block ingredients from getting to the skin – this is the perfect time for something like the Meso facial

Meso facial

We will then begin the meso facial, this involves a plastic cartridge that helps to push and massage the product (hyaluronic acid – amazing for anti ageing) over the skin.

So what are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body, the main function of this is to maintain water.
Hyaluronic acid has also been scientifically proven to;

  • Make the skin appear and feel more supple
  • Speed wound healing (an abrasion on the face for example)
  • Hydrated skin = younger looking skin


Cryoglobes  – The globes are rolled across the skin, causing cryomicrocirculation, helping to detoxify the skin by rolling in a lymphatic drainage motion.

The cooling globes help to oxygenate the skin, increase blood flow and oxygen, resulting in a beautiful glow, lifted and tight appearance.

The cryoglobes are rolled for 10 minutes – optimum time for cooling down after a treatment.

Anti stress mask or collagen mask –

Mesoestetic anti stress face mask

This is a luxurious mask, best used post treatment and applied with a brush.

Soothing, repairing face mask for all types of skin, even the most sensitive

Beats the effect of oxidising stress thanks to its emulsifying, restoring action. Its complex formulation gives it decongestant (unblocking), anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and antioxidant properties.

Aloe vera: anti-inflammatory, antiedematous and antierythematous.

Pot marigold extract: soothing and anti-aggression. Reinforces skin defensiveness.

Camomile extract: re-epithelising, antiseptic, and decongestant.

24K gold collagen face mask

Improves the overall appearance and skin tone, temporarily brightens dark circles and softens fine lines.

Moisturising and hydrating, PH balance for lacklustre skin.

Soothing & anti inflammatory.

This face mask is made from plant collagen, which will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed.

It is an intensive and indulgent treatment that increases your natural collagen production, helping your skin’s elasticity.

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