Lipo Contrast Body Sculpting – Finance Available!

‘The most advanced, non-invasive CryoLipo treatment’

Lipo contrast is a new body contouring treatment based on advanced Cryothermal technology. This treatment creates rapid results by heating, cooling and heating the fat cells, resulting in the removal of body fat without damage or invasive methods.

33% of treated fat tissue will be eliminated and gradually breaks down through the metabolic system. Around 80% of the final result will be visible in around 20 days.

Lipo contrast can target large or small areas such as the flanks, upper and lower back, thighs, knees, arms and double chin through multi sized applicators. Other areas may be available on request.

The advantages

Faster and superior fat reduction compared with normal cryolysis procedures.

Increased effectiveness on fibrous fat.

Avoids traumatic experiences of invasive treatments such as liposuction.

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