Cosmelan reduces and eliminates skin blemishes of melanic origin, increasing skin luminosity and equalising skin tone.

The Cosmelan pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and home maintenance cream.
Each pack contains:

  • Oil removing solution (Salon Treatment | Cleans and exfoliates the skin initially)
  • Cosmelan 1 mask (Salon Treatment | Initial mask)
  • Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream (Home Treatment)
  • Hydra-vital factor k (Home Treatment)
  • Action Mechanism

Cosmelan aims to reduce and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin.

Application of Cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis process paralysing melanin production for a long period during which corneum stratum flaking plus the action of the macrophagic cells taking the melanin deposits with them.

The Advantages:

  • Rapid lightening action
  • For all kinds of skin blemishes of melanic origin
  • Good tolerance, all skin phototypes
  • Proven efficiency
  • Lightening and luminosity
  • Any season of the year, even in summer, followed by use of total sunblock to guarantee treatment effectiveness (complete moisturising sunblock or dermatological complete sunblock by Mesoestetic)