People always say that they are unsure which styles of eyebrows are best for them and are unsure what each style means.
Here is some more information about the main styles of eyebrows.

Hairstroke Brows

Colour is implanted through the brow area with the hair stroke technician. Pigment is manually implanted in fine, crisp strokes to create a realistic result that blends in with your natural brows.
There are a range of needles which can be used to create this look. Ideally, the finer the needle the more natural the brow. However, this can be selected on appointment as each individual’s skin type is different. The most suitable needle will be selected on the day.
Hairstroke eyebrows can look as natural as you want or as heavy that you would like.
This eyebrow style is not suitable for oily skin clients as the pigment will not retain.

Ombre Brows

This technique can be tailored to each client to have a soft natural brow to a bold dense brow. This look is created with the technique of shading rather than precise hair strokes. This method can give the illusion that there is pencil or powder applied.
The finished look depends on the pressure applied. For example, we can apply less pressure towards the fronts and edges of the brows to give more of an ombre effect.
Ombre eyebrows are suitable for all age ranges and skin types as it can be made to look as soft or heavy as a client desires.

Free Consultations

Before all semi-permanent make up treatments we advise that clients book in for a free consultation. During the consultation we can discuss styles of eyebrows which are suitable so that we can make sure your needs are met. A patch test will be done at this consultation to make sure you are not allergic to the pigments we use.
For more information about semi-permanent eyebrows please contact us.