Following your treatment please take note of this skin needling aftercare:

  1. Avoid touching the area too much for 48 hours
  2. Avoid heat treatments, saunas, steam rooms, hooded hairdryers, hot baths and showers for 48 hours
  3. Avoid exfoliation, scrubs, AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin A for at least 48 hours or until skin has normalised.
  4. Keep skin hydrated and apply recommended soothing cream as directed.
  5. Apply SPF daily. A minimum of SPF 30 physical sunscreen is recommended (avoid too much direct sunlight even with the use of SPF)
  6. Avoid sunbeds
  7. Avoid exercise for 48 hours
  8. Avoid chlorinated water for 48 hours.
  9. Avoid heavy makeup for 48 hours (mineral makeup may be worn if application brush is sanitised)
  10. Use a gentle cleanser for the first 48 hours.
  11. No waxing, plucking, clay masks, self-tan or facial procedures for at least 48 hours

Please contact your technician if you have any questions or concerns regarding skin needling aftercare.