Microblading Course - Finance Available!


You have taken your first step into your new career in becoming a first class Microblading Technician in the field of ‘Semi Permanent Makeup’.

Our specially designed courses have been created to administer you with a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide exceptional treatments to your very own clients. The sought after skills taught on our courses are un paralleled.

Here at Medicare Cosmetics, our course is tutor led! Our trainees will not be sent away to practice on their own – they will be thoroughly supported by our trainer whilst having the opportunity to treat 6-8 models over the course of 3 days.

It is important to us that you are provided with the greatest amount of theory, practical knowledge and practice throughout your training. Our aim is that by the end of your training you will feel confident, encouraged and full of anticipation for your successful new career as a microblading technician.

Not only will you leave your course equipped with the skills you need to carry out this procedure safely and confidently, you are also given a kit worth £350! This kit will enable you to carry out your 5 case studies which will be chargeable – so you will already start to make your money back that you spent on the course!

Finance payment plans are now available here.

Courses We Offer
Micro Blading Class - 3 days

This training is suitable for trainees who are completely new to the industry or tattooing or brow design. There will be a maximum of two trainees to one teacher.

Our course and diploma is fully recognised in the UK and insurable with ABT insurance

Starting at 9.30am – 4.30pm

Course with home pre-study of 15 hrs

Ongoing support Monday to Saturday

Three day course, day one theory, demo and practice mats, days two and three treatments on models

Kit included £350 worth of consumables

Treating 6 to 8 models

Treat more models than most other course giving you the confidence to continue your new career with confidence.

Digital to blade - 2 days

This course is suitable for trainees who have previous tattooing experience and want to convert from digital tattooing to microblading.

Our course and diploma is fully recognized in the UK and insurable with ABT insurance.

Starting 9.30am – 4.30 pm.

Course with home pre study of 15 hours.

Ongoing support Monday to Saturday

Two day course, day one theory, demo and practice mats, day two treatments on models.

Kit included £350 worth of consumables

Treating 3 – 4 models

Treat more models than most other course giving you the confidence to continue your new career with confidence.

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What to expect from our Training course

The techniques you will learn on your training course will show you how to skilfully and effectively implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, giving your clients their desired eyebrow look.

The Semi Permanent Makeup techniques you will be shown during your training will be contemporary and advanced, prices you charge clients should be a reflection of your work and you should always ensure that prices are streamlined to ensure that you remain and maintain a professional image.

These procedures are not only aesthetically awarding to a client but can also be advantageous to them in the sense that treating someone who has suffered with alopecia may find a sense of comfort and confidence in their new ‘tattooed’ eyebrows.

Our trainers boast years of experience and prestigious skills ensuring trainees can rest assured they are in great hands throughout and after their training.

Feedback from our Clients

“I completed my microblading training with Emma a few months ago and can honestly say in the 20 years I have worked in the beauty industry it’s the best course I have been on, so nice to feel that trainers want you to succeed and be your best. I previously trained with another microblading company , and found that I came away with no colour theory knowledge at all which is essential when wanting to succeed in this career . I also only got to do one model and didn’t feel confident at all and received no support after the course. As soon as I met Emma she showed a sincere interest in myself and my work, she built up my confidence by sharing her valuable knowledge with me, teaching me everything from colour theory and providing enough models for me to carry out my microblading on. I’d just wished I came to Emma first as I feel she is one of the best trainer’s around . Even now months after I completed training she still lends support and guidence to me and provides continuous support which we all need to progress in our career. Thankyou Emma xx”

– Andrea Fenwick

“Completed my training today with Emma. It was the most informative course iv ever had the pleasure of completing.Emma went above and beyond what I was expecting,answering any questions I had with out hesitation. This girl really knows her stuff. Iv left today feeling knowledgable and confident thanks to Emma. I would definitely recommend Emma and her team. Hooefully I will get the opportunity in the future to furthermore my training with Medicare.”

– Claire Simpson

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due for the course?

We ask that a £500 deposit is paid upon booking the course, this is to secure your place on the training. We are happy to take payment(s) suitable to you as long as we have received full payment of the course two weeks prior to commencement date.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

All equipment will be provided; we do however suggest you may like to bring your own notepad to the training to make any extra notes. We politely ask that you print off your training manual and bring this with you.

What kind of work is involved in the course, what is expected of me?

Throughout the courses, you will be building a portfolio which involves both practical and written/theory work. All practical work will be completed at the training premises and theory work will be completed at home by the students. Students work is examined throughout the entire course, on the final day of their course they will be required to perform treatment(s) in the presence of an internal verifier.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

We ask that all trainees wear salon uniform for the practical classroom environment for the duration of the course, this is not provided but information can be given as to where you can the uniforms.

What kind or work is involved in the course, what is expected of me?

There are both theory and practical aspects of all our courses. The aim is to give all trainees the underpinning knowledge needed to perform competent treatments. Courses are primarily practical based where you will carry out treatments on others.

All we ask if that you turn up on time to the academy ready to learn.

Do I need to bring my own models?

We primarily provide models for training.

Do I need any qualifications to do the course?

You do not need any previous qualifications for this course.

Can I fail the course?

It is of our upmost importance and our top priority to provide students with the information and knowledge to pass their course confidently. In some cases, a student may not present their portfolio or have the required information, alternatively, they may lack the confidence to complete a practical assessment successfully.

Will I receive the support after the course?

If there is anything that you need help with, or answers to after the course then please do not hesitate to contact the training premises directly, we are more than happy to help.

Will I be able to get insurance?

Because our courses are accredited by the Association of Beauty Therapists students are able to apply for insurance from this company or other companies.