One of the fastest growing treatments for men in the grooming market is body hair removal.

Times have changed and silky smooth skin isn’t just for women any more! No matter where the hair is on your body this can be successfully removed with IPL.
While there are many ways to remove hair; such as waxing and using an epilator, there are downfalls with them. One of the biggest drawbacks is that men are at a higher risk of getting ingrown hairs. This is because men’s skin and hair are thicker, which makes new growth likely to get stuck, resulting in painful red spots.

This is where IPL Hair Removal comes in.

IPL stops follicles from producing hair, so there is nothing to get stuck in your skin. It’s the perfect choice if you want to enjoy fuzz-free skin without hassle.

How it works

IPL treatment helps to kill the blood supply to the root of the hair by shining pulses of light into your skin. We need to catch the hair in its Anagen stage so that it helps to kill the root. Time between each session ranges from 4–8 weeks depending on the area.

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