I know what you’re thinking… how does non-invasive skin tightening actually work. We have the answers here! 

Skin tightening is the process behind improving the skin’s structure at a deeper level. This reveals smoother, youthful looking skin. It repairs scarred and sagging skin, while reversing the ageing process by stimulating the growth of new skin cells

The Plasmapen 

Here at Medicare Cosmetics, we use the Plasmapen. This device generates a localised electrical field. It ionises the surrounding atmosphere into nitrogen plasma energy. The energy is transferred to the skins epidermal layer as well as transferring heat to the deeper dermal layer of skin
The Fibroblast cells are the connective tissue cells that make collagen. You may see this treatment called Fibroblast or Fibroblasting. The cells are activated by a natural wound-healing process or inflammatory response. The Plasmapen treatment reactivates these cells to begin the production of collagen, which is how the skin is tightened

How does skin tightening work?

As we naturally age our dermal layer of skin thins and collagen production slows down. Collagen is what gives our skin the plump, elastic structure that we have in our youth. Without this, our skin starts to sag and loses its structure. By stimulating the production of collagen with this treatment the following happens:
  • Synthesis of new collagen
  • Increase in elastin production
  • Structure of skin is strengthened, lifted, inflated and plumped.
  • Premature degeneration of elastic dermal tissue is reversed
  • Decrease in inflammation through the digestion of cellular debris by white blood cells
  • Skin is smoothed from the keratinocytes that are stimulates which fill the gaps created by the micro-trauma
  • New blood vessels are formed 
  • Cytokines are released which help to modulate our cell agent and the growth of new cells

What is the outcome?

Immediately after the treatment you would notice a difference. Your skin will be tightened and lifted – although the full results are not visible until fully healed. In the long run, the stimulated changes improve the tissue stability and help to mitigate and slow down the future effects of the ageing process.

Will this process work?

For skin tightening treatments it is important the right equipment is used and is carried out by a trained professional. You should book a free consultation to discuss whether you are suitable for this treatment