What is Angel Dusting?

Angel Dusting is a marketing practice which is misleading when it comes to the active ingredients in cosmetic products. The advertising material claims that the ingredients in products are helpful. Yet, the product does not contain enough of the active ingredient to have an effect. 
When a consumer purchases the product they assume that they are going to experience the effects from the product. This is because the active ingredient has been advertised.


When speaking to our clients we ask them if they are using a SPF on their faces every day to protect them from UV, UVA and UVB rays. They often tell us that they have SPF in their make up that they use every day. 
There is a big problem with this. There are only small traces of SPF in the products. This means that they are not protected as there is not enough of the SPF within the product to make a difference. This is misleading to consumers who believe they are protecting their skin on a daily basis. 

What do we recommend?

We recommend to our clients to purchase a physical sunscreen which can be applied daily. We use and recommend the Medik8 Physical Sunscreen. We also stock this and a range of Medik8 products in our clinic. 
This sunscreen is the perfect base for make up, leaving your skin feeling protected, hydrated and supple. It is reinforced with anti-pollution, anti-infrared and anti-A.G.E technologies to shield your skin from environmental aggressors, while preventing lines and wrinkles.
UV rays are responsible for 80% of visible facial ageing. Keeping skin protected from the sun is the key to looking youthful for longer!
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