After the recent Bank Holidays in the UK, I’m sure many people will be struggling from the negative impacts of alcohol, not only on their body but also with their skin. When we think of the consequences of heavy alcohol consumption we often consider the headaches and the feeling of nausea. Alcohol can also wreak havoc on your skin.

Here are a few of the things your favourite tipple can do to your complexion:


Dehydration from alcohol plays a significant part in the formation of your hangovers, which is the reason we get headaches and feel unwell. However, your skin is the first place to lose water when you become dehydrated. This leads to rough, dry, dull and even blemished skin. Alcoholic drinks that are high in salt will dehydrate you and your skin even more.


Alcohol is a toxin which means that it can trigger inflammatory immune responses in your body. This results in puffy skin, such as swollen eyes and puffy cheeks. In severe cases, inflammation can cause permanent cell damage, exhausting your collagen levels which speeds up the ageing process. 


Hormone levels are interfered with from the high amounts of sugar in alcoholic drinks. An overproduction of sebum (oil) can occur which settles in the pores and causes blockages. Bacteria that live on your skin then infect these blockages.  The red part of a spot is your body’s immune response to the infection. That’s natural and happens whenever a blocked pore becomes infected. But if your body is inflamed by alcohol, its reaction to the infection is going to be even worse than it would be normally.

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